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Ironman Hulkbuster


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Lego#76031 is a great set for who want to have a Hulkbuster with Ironamn sitting inside with a price much lower than other toys. However, i think most of the Lego players would think that the original version is too thin and not strong enough, like a not completed one.

Some details:

Head: can turn right and left, also turn to the back to hide when the gate opens

Hands: with three joints, bigger fists

Breast (gate of the control room): with reference to the avengers 2 movie, the breast can be opened in three pieces 

Waist: with two joints: one for turn right and left and another one is a ball joint to make it more easy to pose

Legs: with three joints, completed with mostly deep red color brick and details similar to the movie version

With the joints added, many poses can be easily and naturally made.

Hope you enjoy the photos I took.

I wanna show it to the people who like Hulkbuster, Ironman or Lego through the Lego Idea even I cannot get 10,000 supporters. It would be pleasure to show my work to others.


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