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Hills of the Four Hills Tournament


Thank You!

There are only a few hours left and it doesn't seems like we're reaching the first goal of 100 supporters.

But I want to thank every supporter of this project and wish each of you good luck for your own projects.


Display Stand

I added a stand to the model, there every build fits on four studs, one per edge. To give it a better look, i also added a second set of tiles for each hill, with the colors, used to represent the hill in the official logo. The not used tiles fit underneath the hills in the stand.

As a bonus, I added a mini build of the trophy, which used a printed 1x1 Brick and an golden seagul, representing the golden eagle of the original trophy. I found no better solution, but if i find one, I will change it in a future Update.

I hope you like the additions, and also thanks for your support!

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