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Hills of the Four Hills Tournament


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I'm a big ski jumping fan. So I got this idea while watching the 69th Four Hill Tournament 2020/21.

I decided only to build the main build of the hills, so that the set stays small.

The set includes a model from each Hill of the Tournament, including an additional, colored tile Set:

Schattenbergschanze, Oberstdorf (56 + 6 parts)
This hill was the first one I started. It wasn't hard to design, because the original has no big curved elements.

Olympiaschanze, Garmisch-Patenkirchen (34 + 6 parts)
This hill was very difficult. The hill has two curved elements, which I decided to realize with inverted slopes. So it isn't perfect realistic, but I think it looks good.

Bergiselschanze, Innsbruck (55 + 6 parts)
The original has slightly curved elements, which were hard to build in this scale. My solution isn't perfect, but the best I found.

Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze, Bischofshofen (58 + 6 parts)
The main problem of this hill were the pictures I found. Only on a few, you could see the part of the hill, I wanted to build.

Also a mini build of the Trophy (2 parts) and a display stand (65 parts), which also has space for the unused tiles for the hill surroundings.

The colors are piked as close as possible to the colors, used to represent the hills, in the official Logo of the tournament. The set includes 294 parts in total.

I hope you enjoy the Idea like me.

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