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The Gnome and His Magical Mushrooms


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In the beginning I had the idea of a little gnome made of LEGO. And then, while the gnome grew bigger, brick by brick, while he got feet, arms, a beard, a nose and a pointy hat and even a backpack, the magic also started to grow. Purple mushrooms sprang up, sparkling and glittering, and magical butterflies joined them. 
It was as if the little wood gnome, with every step of his hike, was growing a piece of enchanted forest, a wonderful magical forest in which he is at home.

Are you ready for the magic that may happen?


This is the way I want to build Lego. At first I start with a completely different idea, then suddenly I have a small brown shoe in my hand and piece by piece a gnome emerges.

Exciting building techniques and many details, such as a crumpled hat, a sparkling lantern, and a bunch of beautiful butterflies offer a great building experience. 

The display piece is about 18 centimetres high and has two parts, the figure and a small still life.

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