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Manhattan Board Game


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Manhattan is an easy-to-learn and great fun board game. It was designed by Andreas Seyfarth in 1994 - 25 years ago! The game won several prizes, including Spiel des Jahres. Seyfarth's most famous game is probably Puerto Rico.

In Manhattan players try to build and control scyscrapers reaching higher and higher. Cards (not included in this design) tell you in which spot you can build - but you choose the block (there are six 3 x 3 blocks). Points are scored for majorities and highest buildings.

The original game looks pretty bland - even ugly, some say. The brand new edition is more colorful and has fancy transparent building blocks - just like this LEGO edition! To make it look more like a real city, I've added some extra buildings, a river running through the city all the way to the shore and even some miniature cars driving around the city! Not to mention the waterfall, observatory and statues around the city. The board itself has an unusual shape. These extra features don't have any impact on the game play.

And because it's made of LEGO bricks, why not add your own little details? Can you do that with a regular board game?!

I hope you like "Brickhattan" :)

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