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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This LEGO build is a collection of factory scenes from the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

This was my favorite childhood book because it brought so many wonderful images into my head. Although I had enjoyed supporting my children’s interest in LEGO when they were young, during retirement, I fell in love with the LEGO building system for my own enjoyment and wanted to bring the images in my head from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to life.

As a LEGO set, this is very compact and yet very playable, with all the major factory scenes from the book. The story line will also be recognizable to fans of the movies. My hope is that this build would motivate people to read and/or reread the book and from there be motivated to read more books; I sure did!

It includes scenes from the chapters:
  • “The Big Day Arrives,”
  • “The Chocolate Room,”
  • “The Oompa-Loompas,”
  • “Augustus Gloop Goes up the Pipe,”
  • “Down the Chocolate River,”
  • “The Inventing Room-Everlasting Gobstoppers and Hair Toffee,”
  • “The Great Gum Machine,”
  • “Good-by Violet,”
  • “Along the Corridor,”
  • “Square Candies That Look Round,”
  • “Veruca in the Nut Room,”
  • “The Great Glass Elevator,”
  • “The Television-Chocolate Room,”
  • “Mike Teavee is Sent by Television,” and
  • “Only Charlie Left” (including the elevator button “Up and Out.”
It also hints at the chapter “The Other Children Go Home,” and includes rock candy, a fudge mountain, and other tasty bits for you to discover.

My children were excited to support my interest in entering my Charlie build in the LEGO Ideas. Years after reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to my granddaughters I enjoyed seeing them choose to play with my LEGO build. My husband has joined me in my enthusiasm for building LEGO designed sets and sees my Charlie build as highly entertaining and easily identifiable. And my parents gave me the book to begin with, so I have four generations of support that this would make a great LEGO set!

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