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Lego Space M.V.T (Multi-Vehicle-Transport) Galactic Cruiser


200 Supporter Update

Hi everyone! Firstly, thanks for reaching over 200 supporters; we're on our way to reaching 10,000 slowly but surely! Be sure to keep sharing this idea if you are able. 

I've decided to update the Space-Skiff, as a few people, including myself weren't 100% satisfied with it. So, I hope you enjoy!

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Thank You/Mini-Mech

Well, we made it to 100! Thank you to all who have supported this project. I encourage you all to keep sharing, as this is how the project can eventually reach 10,000 supporters. 

In terms of an update, I have designed a mini-mech (inspired by the Exo-Suit) that can also attach to the MVT Galactic Cruiser. This could replace the skiff, but what do you think?

Again, thanks to all of you! Next stop is 1,000!

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