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Oriental Guard Tower


Oriental style guard tower, with rich golden decorations, statues, and 6 minifigs.

The tower is made of three levels, and the color used are only white and gold (except the windows frames which are in brown).

The base level of the tower is a kind of round kiosk with eight columns sustaining the upper part, made of fences covered with golden arch bricks.
The entrance of the kiosk is covered with an arch, and the borders are closed with fences.
One guard, having a knife and triangular shield, and wairing a white turban, purple clothes with golden armour, is standing inside the kiosk.
Two other guards, having a lance and a round shield, and wairing a purple turban, purple clothes with golden armour, are standing on both sides of the entrance.

The middle-part has a basic square shape, and includes on all four sides, a golden statue, wairing crown, shiled and sword. The statues are located in niches in the walls.

The upper-part of the tower comprises a little golden cupola covering a squared element having a window with golden  on each side.

The model includes also a little ruine (in tan / sable color), behind which aladdin is hidden, with the magic lamp. The genius, coming out of the lamp, is floating in the air (thanks a transparent brick).
Aladdin waires white throusers a read top, and a red turban, and is holding a golden magic lamp in his hand.
The genius waires purple clothes and a white turban, with a golden armour, in a very similar look as for the guards.

A horseman, with a lance, and wairing black turban, black clothes and a black armour, is riding an white horse, to try to discover where aladdin is hidding.

Six minifigs are included in the set :

- Aladdin (white throusers a read top, a red turban)
- The Genius (purple clothes, white turban, golden armour)
- The Horseman (black clothes, black turban, black armour + horse)
- Two lance guards (purple clothes, purple turban, golden armour)
- One knife guard (purple clothes, white turban, golden armour)


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