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Batmobile Mecha and Joker Robot


Featuring the classic Tim Burton's Batmobile which turns into a  Giant  Robot and Joker Giant robot

Batmobile has a cockpit, which is possible to be opened and place a lego mini figure inside and it also has a turbine in the back part of the car with a lightbrick in it and when its pressed, makes the turbine part even more realistc.A singular detail in its design, but surelly makes all the difference.Batmecha comes, just like the Joker Robot, with some gagets too: Batman Harpoon and a batarang ( Batman boomerang).This box also came with Joker Robot  stretching boxe glove .

The main idea was not only create a car which can turns into a giant robot but also bring back the wonderful design used in the 1989 movie.

I would like to ask you to, please, support me on this idea and let's make this box come true.

Thanks in advance!!

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