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More Blocks and Devices for Minecraft

Once again, I am here to submit more ideas for a more emersive LEGO Minecraft experience. This time, I shall present more ideas for blocks and devices. Here are some close-ups.

Here we can see a small chest, a crafting table, a furnace and a large chest. It was hard to find the right parts and colours given the selected scale.

Here we have a portal to the nether and a bed. I love playing with LEGO and playing Minecraft and now that I know the crossover is official, I think it's great seeing my ideas come to life with LEGO.

Finally, in this picture I have made a pumpkin, a boat and a minecart. I have left a space in the back of the vehicles for the player to 'sit'.

Thank you for looking at my ideas. I hope you can support me and my ideas so that we can make our Minecraft-and-LEGO-related dreams come true!

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