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Ti Case Creole


After several years living on a caribbean island, i am back to my homeland.
But a lot of memories are still here : 
 - the bright under tropics, 
 - the colors, colors of the flowers, of the trees, of the fruit, the different shades of the sea
 - the taste of the tropical food,
 - Heat...and humidity
 - Eating fish, shellfish, 
 - swimming, snorkeling
 - the animals and these small insects which scared me!

This is all these things i tried to figure in this project. It lacks only the most famous caribbean bird : the hummingbird !

I created this model on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). 
It reaches roughly 2000 bricks, and consists of :
 - the house, with a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, 
 - a garden with 3 trees (coconut palm, banana tree and traveller's tree) and lot of details
 - a swimming pool

I used traditional colors of creole houses : wood and white for the walls and red for the roof.

If this design bring you some heat and an holiday feeling, please support and follow !
Thanks for reading and good building !

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