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Khazad Dum Balrog


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Inspired by Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movie, Khazad Dum Balrog is a set built in 4 parts, plus the Balrog!

It is also part of a series of sets about The Lord of the Rings movie you can vote for on those links :

You can quickly disconnect big parts from each other, so you will store everything easily.

The Four Parts

The Massive Column
Sculpted and designed with stone-like blocks, the Massive Column can be disconnected from the top of the cave. It’s the highest portion of the set.

The Falling Bridge
As narrow as in the real scene, the Bridge can be disconnected from the Cave part and from the Stairs part, so you can simulate the fight and the fall of Gandalf and Balrog.

The Old Bleak Stairs
Surrounded by many columns, the Old Bleak Stairs will help the rest of the team escaping from the Moria Mines by an opening door. 

The Deep Cave
Looking at first sight as a simple rock, this unsuspected place has an opening wall behind. Full of Mithril, you will explore the Mines Of Moira, the Deep Caves of Durin VI and what’s left of him!

And about Durin’s Bane…
A pure creature of darkness, shadow and fire, the Balrog is solidly built to be children proof… Widely tested by mines; the 3 of them!

The Complete List Of Characters:
- Gandalf
- Frodo
- Pippin
- Sam
- Merry
- Aragorn
- Boromir
- Legolas
- Gimli

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