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LL 925 Mk 3 Light Reconnaissance Spaceship


Might as well meet the whole family!

Hi again!

I've been busy designing the last ship in the old Classic Space fleet, the humble LL 918. But I've got a problem.. I designed 3 versions and I need your help to bite the bullet and see what I'll post here on Ideas.

I've put them in the order that they were made, starting from the left and ending right. The first one is the most feature rich one with a compartment in the nose and a loading ramp in the back. It also retains a lot of the looks of the old LL 918. It looks, to me at least, more like a fighter than a runabout. The brick count is also on the high side with 188 bricks. With the old one squarely aimed at as an entry to the range with only 88 bricks this version might be reaching too high. 

The next two ships are more in line with the spirit of the old LL 918. They're easier to build, have fewer pieces (128 and 138 respectively) and the only real difference between them is the stile of the cockpit window. They both have a spacious loading area in the back with 2 big doors for access. The middle one looks more sleek but the other one has a more accessible cockpit... 

As you can tell, I'm not really sure which one to publish here. Give me a shout in the comments with your thoughts!


Thanks in advance!


Something "big" is comming!

Hey everyone!

I've been busy with making the space set complete. I'm nearly finished with my LL 930 project (LL 929 is Benny's Spaceship spaceship SPACESHIP! ;-) ). Here's a sneak preview! Tell me what you think!


We reached 100 supporters!

We've done it! Well, not really, but reaching over 100 supporters is already pretty great!

I've got some alternate color schemes for my LL 925 project like M-Tron, Futuron, Space Police I and Blacktron. Here are some pictures of the LL 925 in a Space Police III colors. I also reworked the loading bay into a prison cell. It seemed more fitting with the ships new purpose.

Let me know what you think, as I'm wondering if I should submit this as a separate Idea.

Thanks again for all your support and keep spreading the word!


And now with a ramp!

As CapEyebrow pointed out that there was no good way of getting the rover inside the ship, he suggested a ramp.

So I adapted the ship and was able top fit in a ramp. Now the rover can just drive inside the ship, just like the old LL928!

I'm going to try and fit the ramp to the version with the removable top cockpit, on the outside they look the same but the structure is a bit different. Anyways, if it works I'll post it in the updates. Again thank you all for your support and keep spreading the word! As I forgot to put in tags! D'oh! ;-)


I just couldn't help it..

Ok, remember when I wrote that I almost never left my Lego "standard" for more than 5 minutes? Well, same thing here ;-)

I got to thinking that it would be cool if the top cockpit could lift out as a separate little ship... So that's exactly what I did! From the outside almost nothing has changed. Just added a few extra pieces to close the "hole" that's left behind when the top cockpit/ship is gone. Now the ship can be used as a light freight carrier!

The total brickcount is now at 304. Tell me what you think!


And a little more explanation on why it's build the way it is.

The build is a very straightforward one. There might be a few places where it gets finicky, like inside the cockpits, but it's an overall simple build.

The main reason for this is that I wanted it to be doable for even a 6 year old child but still look cool for any age. I have countless fond memories of building and re-building my LL928 and other sets when I was a child. The feeling of accomplishment of being able to hold it in my hands and swoosh it around the room was always...well.. pretty great!! I wanted this creation to look great and be playable at the same time.

Also, this being Lego, you have to be able to take it apart and customize it the way you want it to look. I can't remember my LL928 ever being "standard" for more than 5 minutes before adding my own little "improvements". This is in my mind what a great Lego set must be, the beginning of something that you can call your own. A seed of creativity if you will.

I also want to thank you all for the support that my idea has received so far and if you like to see this creation become real, the please spread the word!

Thanks again and I'll keep updating with more views from the ship!



A few more pictures!

I made a few additional images from different angles in LDD. Enjoy!