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LL 925 Mk 3 Light Reconnaissance Spaceship


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LL 925 Mk3 Light Reconnaissace Spaceship:

This spaceship builds on the reputation of the famous LL 924 Space Transporter.

It's fast and nimble but packs a punch when needed. The small surface vehicle is used for ground surveillance or to travel to places the ship just can't land.

The back of the ship can be used for transporting goods or house the ground vehicle. The 2 crew members can both pilot the ship, thanks to the extra controls for the co-pilot.

It's build with 284 bricks so the count is not too high. I tried to simplify it as much as i could hence the "Mk 3" denomination :-) . I also used the classic grey, blue and transparent yellow as I feel they just work the best for these ships and also link back to the old classic space sets everyone loves (including me!).

That's it for my little creation, I hope you like it and any comments or tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Olivier V.




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