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These Creatures From Shadowland

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This LEGO setting is about a fairy trod, a portal that leads to the Kingdoms of Metal, a trail from the Valley of the dark downfall to the Metallic Kingdom.
In this trod, there are the Feyenoords (fairy beings) of the metal, an elf (minifigure) and a humanoid giant.
The path of the trod is all done in circles, and certainly the place represented by this set of LEGO Ideas there has no comparison, with anything else in the universe.
Finally, this project set here is, above all, an unseelie fairy tale. Or it is about the Shadow Court of the Shide people and the chimerical people.

This set project contains:
444 pieces,
1 minifigure (equipped with large spear, shields and magic staff),
3 large figures (style of metallic shadow creatures and giant humanoid),
A huge capsule (color 'transparent', with 'red' accents), and
Several others elements. 

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