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These Creatures From Shadowland


Trod upon the Trail

Figure 1: Artwork of the Project

This LEGO Idea project is about the context of horror: the horror movies, the horror books, the unseelie fairy tales, the history about the fantastic monsters and creatures and others.
This set is too a tribute to R.I.P. Coffin Joe (José Mojica Marins - Zé do Caixão). Thanks Zé do Caixão, to make us percept how fantastic, mental lineless and dynamic is the life.
All things can do the mind, but don't be jail and / or don't misunderstand your freedom.
So, that said, now we see individualy all the builds of the set project:

Figure 2 - Humanoid

º Giant Humanoid
It is called "Märchen Gare Baldin", it is building with 148 pieces, it has movimment in arms, hands, head and more.


Figure  3 - Feyenoords
º Feyenoords (2) [beings fairy]
-> Silhouettes with tentacles Animae (standing up)
This figure of metallic concept has 45 pieces
-> Chair n' Neck Vulture (flying)
This figure of metallic concept contains 71 pieces
This Feyenoords has many movemments, and only moving certains pieces of this MECHAs, this figures change itself forms.


Figure 4 - The others Elements
º Trail - The Trod + Mountain (with Humanoid Head) + Minifigure + Acessories (180 pieces in all)

At last, the others elements of this set, like as minifigure, staff, shields, the trod  of unseelie fairies and others.

Thank you so much! Please, share, support and comment this LEGO Idea!!


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