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Classic Space Monster Truck


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Since the late 1970's intrepic Lego Spacemen and Spacewomen have been exploring the galaxy in thier cool spaceships, but when they find a suitable planet to land on have been forced to drive around  in tiny, small wheeled rovers, buggy's and carts.


A brave and forward thinking minifigure reached out to me and asked, Jeffy-O, why can't I have a monster truck?  Some call it a dream, some madness, but that minifigure's plea needed to be answered.  The result is this classic space themed Monstrer Truck MOC.

The MOC features:

  • 333 Bricks (not including the minifugure driver)
  • 1 Classic Spaceman Minifigure
  • Large hard plastic wheels - in space you can't get a flat!
  • A highly greebled and detailed rear mounted engine for full tourque, even on planets with extreme gravity!

The next time this spaceman is confronted with a steep hill, or 12 carefully lined up school busses, look out!  There will be no stopping him now.

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