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Old Gas Station


This project expires soon.

I would need a miracle to get 100 supporters for this project at this point! But, this project may just prove to me that I do better at building LEGO railroad MOCs rather than buildings. Update by cheesy. 6/14/2018


The Original MOC

Like I said in the description for this project, "This project is an updated version of a LEGO gas station I built on October 15th of 2016." Here is the original model that I promised to show you all:

I know that there really isn't much more to see, but there are some things that I did change for the better. For example, the cash register was very jagged, and not very round. Thanks to the latest LDD patch, I fixed that. The sign that says "GAS" also looks jagged, but it isn't too bad. Once again, I fixed it thanks to the latest LDD patch. I also slightly edited the car, thanks to the latest LDD patch.

But what inspired this model to come into being in the first place? Well, take a look at this image of the car that is included in this project:

I built this car before I had the idea of building the Old Gas Station MOC. I posted the car on the LDD Gallery when it still existed. Afterwards, I decided to build a vintage-style gas station for this car, in inspiration, and thus the idea was born.

Thank you all for your support! Kind regards, cheeseinthepie. 4/27/2018

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