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Old Gas Station


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This LEGO model that I built is not just an Old Gas Station, but it is also an old diner. Instead of using the space inside of the gas station as a convenient store, which is seen in modern gas stations, I made it a diner to better suit the old style I was going for. This project is an updated version of a LEGO gas station I built on October 15th of 2016.

The Old Gas Station is 582 pieces. This set includes four minifigures: a cashier, a cook, a lady, and a girl. Other items included are an Old Car, three trash cans, a hamburger, a pot, and a jukebox. Inside the Old Gas Station is a cash register stand, a table for two, and a small kitchen area for the cook.

In an update, I will explain a few things about this Old Gas Station project, and what I did with the .lxf file when I first built it. There's also a small story about the car, which I'll also explain later.

Thank you so much for viewing and supporting this project! If you feel that something needs to be added, taken away, or modified, let me know in the comments section. Good day to you all! By cheesy. 4/15/2018

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