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The Three Investigators & The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot Board Game


“We investigate anything!” Can you help The Three Investigators solve “The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot” in our new Lego board game idea? Join the teenage sleuths as they follow the trail of seven missing parrots and attempt to solve the clues that lead to a missing treasure before the mysterious art thief Victor Huganay can get his hands on it!

This board game idea is based on a highly-popular series of books “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators”, created by Robert Arthur Jr. in 1964. The three teenage detectives live in the town of Rocky Beach, California, on the Pacific Coast a few miles from Hollywood and use their spare time to solve any mysteries that come their way.

In this board game idea, up to four players can take up the roles of The Three Investigators - Jupiter Jones, Peter Crenshaw and Bob Andrews - or the international art thief, Huganay, in the search for the missing parrots throughout Rocky Beach and its surroundings. In a three or four player game the detective players can co-operate against Huganay by leaving each other question mark clues – but be careful that the criminal mastermind doesn’t work out what they mean!

Players take turns to roll the die and move around the board looking for the missing birds by using their magnifying glass piece to take the hidden tiles from their locations! Find a parrot and keep it – it will come in handy later in finding the treasure! Find a magnifying glass tile and you may look under another location and choose to leave a question mark tile on that space as a clue for your fellow investigators! Players may also discover other characters from the book and series including the sinister Mr. Claudius, Jupiter’s Uncle Titus, Rocky Beach police chief Reynolds, Worthington and the Rolls-Royce, Skinny Norris or even Huganay’s hired thugs, who may help or hinder your investigation!

The game board features many iconic locations from the exciting world of The Three Investigators mystery book series, including – The Jones salvage yard, Terror Castle, Pirates Cove, Baker Street cemetery, the Peterson museum, Miss Agawam’s house and next-door theatre, the old houseboat, a coast-side funfair and ghost train ride, Chinatown and even a Hollywood movie studio! Other locations inspired by the series include Rocky Beach high school and police station, a diner and ice-cream parlour, a park, downtown docks and Rocky Beach marina! If you would like to try the game, full prototype rules and printable 2D board and pieces will shortly be available on request or at our Facebook page.

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- NLR Creations

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