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Lego Vacation House Project


My last update. (for this project)

Hey everyone its Legomania0107 (now known as ConCorqer)

and I just wanted to say thank you so much fro everyone who has help this project reach 88 supporters I could not have imagined I could ever I would've ever reached that number!


P.S please make sure to support and follow my project thanks.



New project and video!

Here is the video!!





Please support!

Hello Guys, Its Legomania0107, (Adamantium0107) and My fourth project has been aproved and if you like engineering, this is the project for you!   

Here is the link to support: 



Here's what a picture of what it looks like:

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-Legomania0107 (Adamantium0107)


Thank you again!

Wow we have just reached 60 supporters let's try and reach 100 supporters! Thank you again!

~Adamantium0107 (Legomania0107)


Sneak Peek of project (actually happening this time) Make sure to check them out!

Hello again it's Adamantium0107 (Legomania0107) And I just wanted to say FOR SURE that I have 2 projects coming soon!

But one notice about my other project hint, is well I sort stopped working on it for many resons. One is because I ran out of the parts I needed and the design is having a few problems.


Sneak peak of projects (key words)

  • Engineering jobs.
  • archeology dig.

That it for now make sure to support, check out my project, comment, and follow me.

Have an awesome day! :)


~Adamantium0107 (legomania0107)


Thank you!

Thank you every one who has supported my project! 50 supporters let's reach 100 supporters!

More projects coming soon!

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Pictures of project/ update of front porch

What project looks now

New potted plant

What table looks like now

Table has a 2x2 jumper tile which holds table better.

Hope you enjoy this make sure to look for more updates.

-Legomania0107 (sorry about the backround. stuff in the second picture)

had to take it in my sisters room! LOL


The Lego Vacation House Project is still gathering support but we still need more!!

Hey Lego fans this is my third project and I need some more support so if you like this projects then click the blue support button and lets try to reach are goal of 10000 supporters and make this a Lego set! 

Ways you can help:

Share this project with your friend it would mean a ton to me.

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Video Update of project

Added a video of the project:



(sorry about the video):(


Watch in HD it looks way better