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Lego Vacation House Project


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Every Lego mini fig needs a break from the big city so I give you the Lego Vacation House project! The vacation house has all the needs of minifig from food to a bed and even a TV! There's plenty of space and if you want to go on a joy ride you're surely welcome to do so. (As long as you don't destroy the dirt bike.) Even when you're having the time of your life you'll still need company so a dog is included in the package.

When you go on vacation you bring money to buy souvenirs, but where are you going to put your money? Maybe in the sock drawer or in the secret bed stand. The perfect hiding spot for any valuable! When you come back from riding you'll need a meaty snack. You'll put the sink and cooking stove to good use to make the most gourmet meal ever!

I hope we can reach 10000 supporters! Make sure to support, comment and follow me and my projects.

P.S If this reaches 50 supporters I will release a new character to go along with this project.

P.S.S If we reach 100 supporters, I will release a special surprise.

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