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Technic Rubbish Truck with Rear Bin Lifter

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This MOC is based on the type of rubbish trucks which I see in use here in Australia, it can be both loaded by hand manually or bins can be lifted using the lifter on the back. The bin used on this is the same as I used on my side lifting wheelie bin rubbish truck. I am planning on making this the standard bin I base my designs around.

This MOC has a number of features, these include:
- Fake V6 engine connected to one set of rear wheels via a diff.
- Hand of God (HOG) steering via the red knob on the back of the cabin roof.
- Opening cabin doors.
- Two functions gear box which is controlled via the red leaver on the side of the truck. One function lifts and lowers the rear bin lifter. The second function is to raise and lower the rear body for emptying. Both of these are run via a large Power Functions motor which is mounted between the cabin and the rear body section in the chassis.
- Opening rear tailgate.

I have spent about 25 hours researching, designing and building this MOC, I watched a number of videos on YouTube of various types of rubbish trucks to get ideas for this. The truck is 43cm long, 16cm wide and 19cm high. It weighs around 1350 grams.

I now also have a idea of this and my other trucks in action:

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