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Shark Submersible from The Adventures of Tintin


Additional Minifigures

Here are some approximations of a few minifigs that could be included with the set. We have the salty mariner Captain Haddock; the hard-of-hearing Professor Calculus (Professeur Tournesol); and of course the boy reporter himself and his canine companion. I threw in the model Unicorn to boot and positioned them all on a tidy little stand to be displayed alongside the submarine.  

This addition brings the total piece count up to around 525 pieces.


New Display Stand

No submarine would be complete without a base on which it could be displayed, so here you go! The stand required a few slight modifications to the underside of the hull, but overall the vehicle’s streamlined design has been preserved. 

This addition brings the piece count up to approximately 475 pieces. 

More updates to come!

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