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Brooklyn 99th Precinct


New figures!

I decided to update some of the characters. More specifically Terry, Gina, Holt and Diaz. And I added some changes to the Cheddar figure, to make it look more like corgi.

I'll update some of the others as well when I get some time.

If there's anything you'd like to see added /changed leave a comment!


Cheddar and mango yogurt!

Greetings. All.

We have reached the first milestone in just four days.
I've never been happier, as you can see from my large smile in the photograph I have attached bellow.
I am happier now than when I went to Barbados with my husband and We wove hats out of palm fronds and swam with the stingrays.
Thank you all.

Raymond Holt


After multiple requests, I added yogurt for Terry and Cheddar.

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