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Lego City Mech Division: CME-35

I give you the first of the many CMD(City Mech Division) MOCs, the CME-35, a cement mixer turned into a medium sized Mech. Now making it easier to pour cement onto higher places, the construction team is making more buildings stable and faster than ever. The CME-35 has many copies of course due to it's needs on every team. The Mech comes factory built tank for cement on it's back, and a titanium nozzle to shoot out cement from.

Included in this MOC:
-The CME-35 Mech w/ cement piece to attach to nozzle
-Marshal Lee, Mech Pilot and Construction worker
-Chad Bagel, High school student
-Version 5 droid
-Cement stand to hold the droid in
-A Sledge hammer for the Mech

This moc is a total of 164 pieces, with 3 minifigures. I hope you all enjoyed the first of the many CMD Mechs, i hope to have more soon.

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