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Vintage Train Station

Apart from Lego, model trains and dioramas are my big passion, and bringing these two hobbies together was great fun and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. So I bring you a realistic Vintage Train Station, a fitting destination for your steamers and possibly a nice addition to your Lego cities.


This modular build features an early 20th century Central European trainstation and a fitting steam engine. Both pieces of roof and the upper floor can be taken off to reveal a detailed interior. Some new prints were added to bring some further realism and Central European (German) feel to the set. Three separate places are featured: a waiting hall with a buffet and a ticket booth, a staircase and an office for the station master on the storey.


The minifigures are designed to represent all social classes from the era and to give a colourful vibe to the set. Besides various passengers, the set also features train company staff (a ticket controller/station master and a train driver) and a newspaper boy bringing you the latest news.


The engine in the set is based on the German BR 80 modell which was in use by the Deutsche Reichsbahn from the late '20-s for shunting duties and as a main engine on lass frequented lines between smaller stations. The model is fully functional, with the Power Functions module hidden in the coal wagon.

Target audience: everybody who loves trains and the era of steamers. Due to the extensive size of the set (around 2700 pieces) and some intricate details, this set is aimed mostly for adults and experienced builders.

So buy a ticket (very important!), get a good coffee at the buffet while you are waiting for your train to arrive and enjoy the choo-choo time all day long! Oh, and don't forget to support, if you like it. :)


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