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Speed Champions Garage

I designed this unique car garage for my son speed champions car, he has over 60 cars so now he can play with it & organize it at the end of each day. This 5 story car garage will hold up to 14-speed champions car, a total of 70 cars for 5 levels, it has 3 different sections west wing, driveway in middle, and east wing. There is a manual lift to transport the cars from the lower level to upper levels, also on the west wing there is afire scape staircase & 2 elevators on the east wing. You can add this garage to you your LEGO city collection. I also attached the lift system picture separate. this parking can also be used as a shelf, the 3 sections can be swing open and be in one row so all the car can be displayed in the same direction. as you can see the door for the staircase is open so all the mini-figure can climup and down so easy. If you are realy love your speed champion collection this the one you need . 

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