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Classic Space & Time (Mini Edition)


Classic Space & Time is here to celebrate the timeless adventures of LEGO's Classic Space! Two space pods connect and form an impressive hourglass for time traveling. When they aren't time traveling, these space pods split apart for exploration. Either way, it takes teamwork when exploring the unknown. I built this as a way for Classic Spacemen to continually explore the LEGO universe... no matter where or when. I strongly believe that this would make a great set because it incorporates remembering the past, building the present, and imagining the future of LEGO Space! Oh, and did I mention the chromed spacemen...?

It's time to remember the past, build the present, and imagine the future of LEGO Space. Please support this project. The future of Classic Space may be in your hands...

Includes two space pods (that connect), two chromed classic spacemen, three chromed minifigure accessories, and two mini hourglass power cores (inside each space pod).

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