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Classic Space & Time


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It's time to travel through both space and time... on a quest to discover new worlds! The two massive space pods connect to form an impressive hour glass for time traveling. And when they are not time traveling, they split and connect sideways to build a colony. Each pod also has a large cargo bay for small spacecraft, rovers, robots, and more. With eight Classic Spacemen and their chrome-gold leader, there is no telling what lies ahead for them to explore. However, one thing is certain: there's no limit to exploring the LEGO universe now!

This project is specifically designed for both display and play, and I believe that it will appeal to LEGO fans of all ages for its uniqueness and playability (as well as looks). Being a big LEGO space fan, I constantly build custom LEGO space creations, and Classic Space & Time is one of my most favorite designs yet.

It's time to remember the past, build the present, and imagine the future of LEGO's Classic Space. Please support this project. The future of Classic Space may be in your hands...



Additional information for Classic Space & Time:

  • Each space pod does not exceed 1,000 bricks
  • This project contains around 1,500 to 2,500 bricks total
  • This project is built with around 90% of bricks already in existence
  • I believe that there should be two small scenes/creations included with this project: one scene from the past (original Classic Space) and one from the future.
  • I also recommend having one to two very small spaceships/rovers (for both main pod section) that can fit into each cargo bay. A few things like crates or robots would also make great additions in my opinion :)

Thanks for checking out Classic Space & Time! I really appreciate all of your support and feedback. I'm also happy to answer any questions.

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