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Discovery One


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Beware because Discovery One spacecraft is coming to the Lego dimension to find the mysterious alien Lego Monolith!! If you like this model please support and share it everywhere you can to make this an official Lego set!!


This spacecraft is from the legendary movie 2001: a space odyssey.

You can find more information about the film here and about the spacecraft here.


Dimension: 98 studs long/ 78,4 cm/ 30.8 inches 

Number of pieces: 679


It is an accurate model of the actual spacecraft in approximately 1:179 scale and contains features like:

  • You can remove one of the three hatches in the front and take out the EVA Pod maintenance vehicle.
  • Includes the black alien Monolith which will drive the Discovery One into the Star Gate.
  • It also includes stand for the spacecraft.


Make sure to tell all your friends and share this project!


I hope you like the Discovery One!

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