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Undertale: Ruins & Forest Set


Our First Goal - 100 Supporters!!

We've done it! We've hit our very first goal of 100 supporters! Thank you all so much for supporting the project and spreading the word, I'm very grateful to be at step 2 in the process.

To celebrate I've officially updated the official project pictures and description to better reflect the current state of the project(which is why it took a bit for me to officially address this here, I wanted to wait so I wouldn't need to make two update posts in a row). The ruins extension is now seen in the main picture set, as well as a picture showing how I'd like different parts to look if the project does get made.

Additionally, now that we're getting further into the process, I wanted to create a bit of a poll to help decide what happens moving forward. I'm open to the idea of changing or adding bits to the project(as already seen from a previous update), and I want this project to be the best it can be, so I've made a poll where you can give your thoughts about the set. The main point of it is finding out if you'd change or add anything and what that'd be. Your input could help make the project better by opening my eyes to things that I wouldn't have thought of. If you'd like to help out, the link to the poll will be at the end of this update.

Thank you all again so much for supporting, here's to the next 900 ;3

Undertale: Ruins & Forest Set Poll


Twitter and Stylized Minifigures

First of all, this project now has an official Twitter where I'll be posting ads and updates. Click the link below, follow, and if you'd like to help out you can retweet any of the ads in order to spread the word about the project ;3

Official "Undertale: Ruins & Forest Set" Twitter

Speaking of the ads I've been making for the project, in them I've been editing the minifigures to look more stylized to the game and what I hope they'll eventually look like if this project makes it to the end. Here are all of the figures as they should look:


Extended Ruins & Snow Texture

My first update for the project and it's rather big! I've extended the Ruins half of the set quite a bit to balance things, it now includes where Frisk lands at the beginning of the game, as well as the area where Frisk first encounters the Training Dummy(which is technically the choice that first starts you on your desired path for the game).

Additionally I've added some texture to the snow in the forest half in order to make it look less flat and a bit more interesting, as well as add some more depth to the pit under the bridge.