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LEGOLAND Technic Coaster: 20th Anniversary Display & Play


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We all remember our first roller coaster. From the first time I rode (with tears in my eyes), the Technic Coaster at LEGOLAND has always held a special place in my heart. Now, almost 20 years from opening day, I'm happy to share that appreciation and excitement with my fellow builders!

This project is a highly detailed recreation of the ride vehicles from the LEGO Technic roller coaster found at various LEGOLAND parks around the globe. Depending on your location, you may know it as Technic Coaster, X-treme Racers, Test Strecke, Jungle Coaster, Project X, or Great Lego Race. My model is inspired not only by the real rides, but also official promotional material from before their openings. The result is a UCS-style reconstruction guaranteed to satisfy even the most critical eye.

Whether you're looking for a serious collectible or an engaging playset, the LEGOLAND Technic Coaster: 20th Anniversary Display & Play has you covered. Check out the features below!

Display Mode
  • 4 easily attachable roller coaster wheel assemblies
  • Showcase stand in the style of real roller coaster track
  • UCS-style facts and statistics plaque
Play Mode
  • Remove from roller coaster base in seconds
  • Interactive steerable front axle
  • Durable chassis equipped for bumps, swipes and light collisions

I appreciate your support, and I hope that one day we can see this on the shelves at LEGOLAND!

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