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Hungry Hungry Robot

This is a kinetic sculpture I made of a robot that has a moving jaw and spinning eyes and (g)ears that can all be activated with just turning the crank on the right side. It also comes with a funny hat and a little cockpit that you can place a minifigure in to control the robot that you can place on it's head after removing the blue transparent pieces on the top and placing them at the back. If you wish to see part of the mechanism, just open the hatch at the back and you will be able to see most of the gears. Now, to feed the Hungry Hungry Robot, just put the contents of the black box into its mouth, and let it chew away.

Here's a video of it in action: Hungry, Hungry Robot - YouTube

I always liked to see other people's automations and the wonders they can do, so while my own may not be as impressive as other inspiring ones, I am proud to have built this and see it work. It would be a pleasure to see this on shelves, as there need to be more kinetic sculptures in Lego stores.

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