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Speed Champions Red Bull Racing Car and Pit Wall


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Based on the 2015 Speed Champions sets, this model expands the F1 related theme to Red Bull Racing, and the pit wall.

In Formula 1, the pit wall is extremely important. It's where the teams can monitor the cars, and relay that information to the driver. If this goes wrong, it could ruin their entire race.

The set includes 1 2015-spec Red Bull Racing RB11, with 2 front wings, one of low downforce, and one for high. In keeping with similar sets, one wing will have the number 3 (Daniel Ricciardo's race number), and one with the number 26 (Daniil Kvyat's race number). Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat are also included, complete with sponsor caps. Kyvat has a regular cap, and Ricciardo has his trademark snapback.

The pit wall is a modular section. Inside there is space for 4 minifigures to monitor the race on various computer screens. There are also buttons for the team radio, so the team can contact not only the drivers, but the engineers as well. Inside you can see Team Principal Christian Horner and Chief Designer Adrian Newey looking busy, making sure their strategy is working. There is also a team member on a ladder, peaking onto the circuit with a board, telling the drivers what position they are in, and when they need to come in for a pit stop.

This set is designer using LEGO Digital Designer, so there are no stickered pieces, but stickers would be applied the car for sponsorship, and to the outside of the pit wall, to showcase Red Bull and their many sponsors. The pit board would also have a sticker, telling the drivers what lap they are on, and the time gap to the car behind. The minifigures would also have printed torso's, Ricciardo and Kvyat in racing overalls, Horner, Newey and the pit crew member in team polos.

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