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NASA Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle (60th Anniversary)


"Space is open to us now."

60 years ago today, three weeks after the first human spaceflight in the history of the United States of America by Alan B. Shepard Jr. onboard Mercury-Redstone 3 (MR-3), or Freedom 7, President John F. Kennedy delivered this speech to Congress:

I will be adding additional details to the Launch Complex 5 (LC-5) gantry in the next 14 days, after change restrictions have been cancelled. Also, if you're interested in voting on which update you would like for me to add next, please reply to the following comment with your preference:

Thank you!


"The devil is in the decals [sic]."

Unfortunately, due to change restrictions, I will not be able to update the project for at least 23 days. In the interim, here are photos of the latest changes:
• the Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle has been updated to the Mercury-Redstone 1 (MR-1) to Mercury-Redstone 3 (MR-3) livery via 15 pieces with custom decals or printing,
• the Mercury-Redstone capsule has been updated with custom decals or printing to include the hatch, periscope, and porthole windows, and
• the Mercury 7 astronaut has been updated with custom decals or printing to include the helmet, helmet tie-down strap, oxygen inlet and outlet ports, and zippers.

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