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Anakin's Starfighter:Rebuilt


Minifig Introduction

I realize that I haven't introduced my minifigures. Now, I bring you the Starboard Crew!

Anakin: Anakin is the leader of the group. He decides where to go and who to recruit. He is full of pride, and he wants to be the greatest lightsaber duelist in history. Despite his pride, he is willing to sacrifice anything for another person. He has a big heart.

 R4: R4 is an astromech, who along with Anakin ended up in Brickwood after escaping a giant seperatist frigate. R4 is in unfamiliar terrain: the Brickwoodians are full of kookiness, happiness, and imagination as opposed to the logical ways of the citizens of the Star Wars world. He is currently the copilot of the Starfighter.

Pilot: Pilot is a.....pilot. He's a really fast flyer and aims to be the best flyer one day. He originally worked for the Rebel Alliance until he landed on Tantooine, where he discovered the smuggler known as Jabba had a good side and met some of the Brickwoodians. After that, he didn't want to leave. So he stayed in Brickwood. Now he employs his piloting skills for the Starboard Crew.

Kone: He was a lonely guy who came from the planet Quasir. He used to work there until the Supreme Giant(aka me) blew up his planet. The Giant(let's just call me the Giant) sent him to Brickwood. He sent Kone there to make friends. He acts like he misses his planet, but in reality, he's so happy to live in Brickwood(though he won't admit it). He works as the navigator and brains of the team.

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And keep imagining, because that's what Lego is about.


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