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Blacktron Battle Tank

While their first wave of fast moving vehicles caught the Space Police off guard, a fierce resistance was soon formed to fend off Blacktron's return.  

With the aid of the Futuron colonies it looked like the tide was turning and peace could be restored.  In their command centre the leaders of the Space Police were thinking a quick victory was at hand when they heard a terrible rumbling and saw a horde of new Blacktron vehicles crawling towards their position.

Each Blacktron Battle Tank held 2 highly trained operatives, a driver and a gunner, and with massive treads easily plowed over everything in their path, on the way to lay siege to the peaceful outposts and all of their resources.

The quick strike had just been a test of their defenses, and now the main thrust of Blacktron's invasion was underway. 

The brave minifigures soon realized Blacktron had been planning this for over 25 years, and was prepared for a long drawn out struggle for control of the Lego universe.

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