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Harry Styles Love on Tour 2023


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Hi! <3
I’ve created a Lego Harry Styles Love on Tour 2023 Stage and the Love band members.
The band members include Harry Styles (singer), Madi Diaz (guitar, vocals), Pauli Lovejoy (percussion/RMD), Sarah Jones (drums/vocals), Mitch Rowland (guitar) and Lloyd Wakefield (Photographer). This Lego set has approximately 698 pieces.

I also created other band members in the "Updates" section including Elin Sandberg (bass/vocals), Ny Oh (guitar/keys/vocals), Yaffra (keys), Ariza (guitar, keys, cello). I also created Mini figures with outfits that Harry has worn on his tour in the "Updates" section!
I built this Lego set in celebration of Love on Tour and a little something for the fans to look forward to building and displaying. Harry and his band have created a safe and welcoming place for people to be whoever they want to be, without judgement. I also built it because Harry and his band are such great role models to all.
I think that many people would want to buy this Lego set as a memory of HSLOT and Harry Styles himself. Thank you for all of the support so far! Be sure to share this with your Harrie family and friends! LOVE ON TOUR FOREVER <3

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