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LEGO Store


In my LEGO Store project, you can bring all the fun of a real-life LEGO Store into your home!

This project includes 8 minifigures:

2 LEGO Store Employees

3 LEGO Store Customers

Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Stand Customer


There are quite a few little accessories that aren't attached to the set, which are a bench, an ice cream stand, a garbage can, some LEGO bags, LEGO sets, 2 cardboard stands; the yellow one is advertising a sale on LEGO sets, and another advertising the ice cream stand.

The LEGO Store has a tan square 6X6 tile attached to the front, which will have a sticker with the LEGO logo on it.  The roof it only attached to the top by a few studs, and on the bottom of the roof is the all-important LEGO lights that are always on the ceiling of LEGO stores.  On the inside, you can see the Build a Minifigure stand, as well as the Pick a Brick wall.  It also includes the iconic 2X4 red brick inside, and the register.  Assorted mini LEGO Sets are placed on the shelves inside.  Big LEGO statues of Emmet (The LEGO Movie) and a red classic spaceman proudly stand inside.  Lastly, there are mini models of existing LEGO sets in the windows, which are Metalbeard's Sea Cow (The LEGO Movie), The Death Star (Star Wars), and the modular Pet Shop.

I hope you like my LEGO Store project, and hopefully you'll support it.  Thanks for viewing!

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