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Wingfeather, the Open Book


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What it is: book one; this scene shows Janner Igiby doing his daily chores which he hates but tries not to show, and his grandfather (Podo) checking to bright red tomatoes, and his mother Nia going to get Leeli,
and the words on the book "hurry, reading is fun!-Jinto Qweds.
book two; this scene shows Leeli and Tink (whose given name is Kelmar) looking for Peet's treehouse or as he calls it his castle, when attack by a green Fang.
why i built it: i built this cause i love Wingfeather and legos.
why i believe this would make a great set: i think this would make a set cause one lego really needs a Wingfeather set, and cause i would love to see people take joy in seeing this set


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