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Lego City Football (Soccer) Stadium

We love our lego city playsets, from the police station to the corner bakery, but it is missing something we see in most cities we visit…...

We found the need to create a robust, playable city football (soccer) field that can add excitement and sports to our sprawling city. This lego set is great because first and foremost it's playable. You can kick the ball into the goal and score, just update the scoreboard and then it’s official. What better teams to play in the lego city soccer stadium than our favorite Police vs. Criminals, but watch out the criminals love to cheat!

Let's review the countless features of this three level playset. 

Level one:

  • Gated entry for mass entry/exit
  • Ticket scanning counter for seat validation
  • Grandstand seating for unobstructed views
  • Lockers for player gear/clothing
  • ATM for Cash

Level two: 

  • Fountain Drink Station
  • Stadium Seating
  • Gear store with your favorite soccer player jersey
  • Washroom with TV
  • Vending machine for food
  • Scoreboard with editable numbers
  • Secure access to roof

 Level three

  • Announcer booth for two announcers
  • Stadium lighting
  • HVAC and other equipment

Lastly and hard to miss are the people! What good is a soccer game without the teams and fans. With 20 Minifigs included you'll be off to great start, those included are: Teams of 4 players each, two coaches, one ref, one groundskeeper, two announcers, one ticket checker, one shop operator, one soda fountain operator and three fans. You'll also see an eco friendly external section for bicycle parking and to catch the nearest city bus! 

We appreciate your vote and making this set official!

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