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4x4 Truck


As the name suggests, this is a 4x4 truck made out of legos. It is a really nice truck, and it can rest uneven surfaces and still look great. It is really well detailed inside, the engine is well detailed too! This lego came in a funny way as I was trying to make a vehicle that i had never seen in a lego set. Before I wanted to post my idea for a lego set here, I made everything as good as it can be. The truck as a whole is a rock, you can drop it from 2 feet of height and be in one piece. 

This truck would make a great lego set because of the quality it has built into it and that unique look it has that is appealing to all ages. The truck is really strong and robust and uses few lego pieces, making it fairly inexpensive compared to sets with similar dimensions. This truck exceeds all standards a lego set may have. Either if you play with it or drop it, it can take the hit. It has everything, its light, strong, good looking, inexpensive for size, and durable if you use it like a rally truck, it is a really amazing truck, nothing i've seen before.

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