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Extensible Minifigure Display

Hi Guys,

this is a in-between-build I'll conceived a while ago, since my collection of minifigs increase. It's a try to create it more in an architectural style then a in technical one. And for as many figs you like. The result is pillar-and-arc approach, extensible in any direction. As shown on the picture above, i like that 3-4-5 bar shape, at the moment.

Here you can see a single repeatable section:

In my opinion, this design perfectly expose every single figure in it's own spot.
Choose for a neutral dark background to contrast colorful figs.

Utilized parts are:

To stabilize the build, place on backside some 2x1 bricks connected by 2x2 plates.

Finally, add some decoration parts of choice or season onto the finish.

Thank you for watching. I'll hope you enjoy it!

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