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Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive


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This is a small diesel locomotive built to lego narrow gauge (4 stud width) standards. It features swiveling bogies to negotiate corners, opening cab doors and a removable cab roof. At one end, there is a ball joint at the same height as that on the lego set 4204 city mine train, allowing it to couple up to the locomotive or wagon. It comes with one mechanic mini figure, who can fit in the cab to drive it easily.

The cab roof has been made with a mini figure base plate piece, and can be lifted off by pulling on the antenna. 

There is scope for producing matching wagons and track, and I may upload these as an update later on. the only unusual building method is how to connect the middle cab section, which is five studs wide, to the rest of the locomotive, which is only four. To do this, I had to use a large amount of jumper plates, so the back end may be fragile.

 I made sure before uploading that all pieces used are currently available on the lego website. This will ensure it can be made, when I upload the instructions.

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