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Modular Family Mansion


Hello everyone. Today I am happy to announce my next project!

Modular Family Home

This project comes with a family house, and four figures including:

  • Buisness man
  • Mother
  • A Boy
  • A Girl

The set also comes with 2 floors.

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bedroom and Living Room

Now let's move on to extra details about the project.


When I started making this project my intentions were making it a Superhero project, but when I started building the kitchen floor I thought this would make a great modular building. I created the second floor, and then the frontyard. The reason why this would make a great project is because LEGO needs to make a Mansion modular. The reason why I built this is because I liked the idea of this project. Please support this project, and bye for now.

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