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RuPaul's Brick Race


Spoiler warning: This update includes Season 9 Winner details

Hi everyone!

A quick update to celebrate two things:

  1. Passing 7000 votes of support (THANK YOU, truly, this is incredible!) and
  2. The crowning of "America's Next Drag Superstar", the incredibly talented Sasha Velour!

To commemorate the latter, I've made a special Sasha minifigure, based on her "So Emotional" Lip Sync look. I don't intend for this particular minifigure to be included in the final design (should this campaign reach 10,000 votes and progress to an official LEGO review) but all the same, I wanted to mark this moment. Sasha is all about creativity, innovation, artistry and individualism and they are qualities shared with LEGO, through and through.

Keep your votes of support coming. We have 633 days remaining in this campaign, with 2974 votes still needed to get "RuPaul's Brick Race" to an official review.

Please encourage your friends to vote and keep spreading the word.

You rock!


5000 votes achieved, 5000 to go!

I am astounded. In less than 3 months, the LEGO and RuPaul's Drag Race communities have already taken this project to the halfway point.

THANK YOU x 5000 to those who have supported this project already and to those who have shared the project with their friends.

Reaching 5000 votes today has extended the RuPaul's Brick Race campaign by 182 days and means we're officially on the "home stretch."

So, what now? We'll need to muster up a further 5000 votes by 25/03/2019 in order to progress this concept to the official LEGO review stage. 

The task seems immense but there are ways of breaking it down:

  1. With 710 days remaining, the project needs to receive 7 votes per day to progress. That doesn't sound so scary, now does it?
  2. If everyone who has given their support already found just one friend to support the project, we could wrap this campaign up in days!


What you can do, right now, to support this campaign further:

  1. If you haven't already, catch up with RuPaul's Brick race on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There are 5K celebration posts there which you might share with your friends.
  2. If you are a member of an online LEGO or RuPaul community, consider telling them that you've supported this project and that they should too at
  3. Convince just 1 friend that it's worth 2 minutes of their time to support this project!



While you're on the LEGO Ideas website, make sure you check out and support some of the other excellent designs that have been proposed. Our campaign doesn't lose anything by us all supporting other ideas as well. Some of my current favourites are Andrew Clarks "The Flintstones", this amazing micro-scale Hogwarts Castle and the Brick Project's Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain.


That's all for now. We're halfway through an exciting ride and I'm so grateful that you're all coming along on the adventure.

Best wishes,


Guest judge poll results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in a recent twitter poll to determine who would join RuPaul and Michelle Visage in the third judge's seat introduced in the last update to this project.

More than 1,400 people voted in that poll, won convincingly by regular RuPaul celebrity judge Ross Mathews.

Here's Ross wearing a tailored jacket and bow-tie combo. It's hard to do justice to Mathews in LEGO form - I couldn't find a way to replicate his trademark hair style (graded sides and coiffed front) with the parts available in the LEGO Digital Designer library. Still, his jacket is suitably fabulous and he's a welcome addition to the set lineup.


Thanks for the continued support and interest in this project. I'm really enjoying your comments, suggestions and enthusiasm.



4000 supporters, set options and… JUDGES!

Firstly, thanks where it is due


I'm astounded by the level of support for my first LEGO Ideas submission. I’ve found myself at the intersection of two incredibly enthusiastic communities – LEGO and RuPaul – and I have been delighted by the positive, constructive and enthusiastic responses you’ve all shared.

Right, on to some set news!

Most of the constructive criticism I’ve received has been focused on two popular requests for additions to this set and I’d like to address those with this update.

(Please note: I don’t know if LEGO takes updates like this into consideration should projects make it to the official review stage, but just in case, this at least provides some options.)


1. Most requested update – “There should be a runway mode

Well, yes, there should be. Even though I think that "Clutch Game" provides the best way of showing off the best of RuPaul to a family audience, I can appreciate why fans would like a runway main stage setting instead / as well, so that their minifigs can serve some LEGO realness!

With a few small changes to the original set design, I’ve made it possible to disconnect the "Clutch Game" bench units and plug in a catwalk module. Ta–daaaaa!



2. The second most requested alteration – “There should be judges!”

It stands to reason that if you have a runway, you need judges.

I’ve heard over and over and over that Michelle Visage, RuPaul’s BFF, series regular and judge extraordinaire should be included… 

Without further ado, here’s Michelle Visage rocking a look that includes an up-do, hoop earrings and a suitable amount of sparkle. Michelle is also toting a favourite 90s movie soundtrack. (We hear track 9 is the best.)



And here’s a proposed judges table module that will accommodate RuPaul, Michelle and one other celebrity guest judge.




This leaves one vacant seat at the judging table and YOU get to help decide who should fill it.

I’m running a twitter poll to determine which celebrity judge should join Ru and Michelle. You can participate in the poll for the next 7 days at

(If you don’t have access to twitter, you can leave a comment on this website and I’ll do my best to count up all the responses!)



Okay, that’s all for this update.

Get voting on who should join RuPaul and Michelle Visage at the judge’s table. I can’t wait to find out who it will be and to share the results soon!

Regards, Mark

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