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The Periodic Table of Elements


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About the Periodic Table of Elements:

The periodic table of elements is perhaps a chemist's most important reference tool. It is a reference showing the atomic number, symbol, name, atomic weight, and more of each known element. It is used by both professional chemists and students learning chemistry.

About the model:

The model includes all of the known elements of the periodic table. Not only did I want it to be a cool building set, but also educational and useful. Each element tile is easily detachable because of a single stud connection. This makes it possible to remove all of the element tiles and try to reassemble the table from memory. This is great for memorizing the table. The model uses black plates on the bottom to hold the two sections of the table together. It can be used just like a regular periodic table of elements minus the numbers to indicate periods and groups. Two keys are included to indicate the meaning of the colors. The model was built using Studio 2.0 software and was rendered using the same software. Bricklink's Part Designer was used to apply the text to the plates.

Element info:

  • type of element (color of tile)
  • atomic number (top left corner)
  • element symbol (center)
  • state at room temperature (color of symbol: black – solid, red – gas, green – liquid)
  • a yellow symbol indicates that the element is synthetic
  • name (beneath symbol)
  • atomic weight (bottom)

Major Features:

  • length: 11.3in
  • 297 pieces
  • easily detachable element tiles
  • many black plates
  • many black jumper plates
  • printed tiles in multiple colors
  • all pieces are in existing LEGO colors

I hope you like it and if you do please support. If you notice any errors or have questions or tips, let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading and brick on!

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