Product Idea |

Octan Tower


The Octan Tower has eleven floors right now, but that wouldn't necessarily have to be the number of levels in the final product. As you can see, this tower has four different sized levels to make it more interesting. You can also remove the different floors to see inside. On the back of the building, you can see that each floor has a set of windows to look out. This set would include a throne room for President Business, a relic room, a think tank room, evil receptionist room, and a conference room, media room, and super computer room, and the Kragle room. The Octan symbol is at the top of the tower. A helipad is on the top of the tower with lights, and computers. This set would be a more expert version of the President Business Lair. This would be a good Lego set because it is one of the most iconic buildings in the Lego Movie, and in this set you can play inside it, and take the different floors off for more chances to play and be creative. When designing this set, I would create different sized floors, and one room to a floor for more chances to play. The figures should include more bad guys than good guys because it is the bad guy headquarters. 

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