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Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary - Gummi Ship

The set would be based on the video game series, Kingdom Hearts by Square Enix. It would consist of three Minifigures, the main character from the series - Sora. And his two childhood friends from Destiny Islands Riku and Kairi. It would also be perfect for Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary in 2022!

The reason I decided to do this was that Kingdom Hearts means so much to me. I only want to submit projects on LEGO IDEAS of things that mean a lot to me and Kingdom Hearts is something I hold very close to my heart. Growing up, Kingdom Hearts II was one of the first games I ever played through in its entirety. It is probably my favourite videogame franchise of all time and I figured with Kingdom Hearts III recently (and finally) being released and with planned DLC coming out soon it's the perfect time for LEGO to make a set based off this iconic and best selling game. 

When trying to come up with something for the game it hit me that the Gummi ship that you use to fly around in and travel from world to world translates so perfectly into LEGO form in my opinion because of its blocky design. It features a cockpit opens up and can fit one Minifigure in the seat. It is based on the Gummi Ship type called the Highwind and all the information can be found on the plaque. 

The plaque attaches to a small build meant to represent the iconic Papou fruit tree which allows for two Minifigures to sit and stare off into the sunset over the vast ocean sharing one of the Papou fruits. In front of the tree, there is a stand to hold the three Minifigures included in the set - all using pre-existing pieces. 

At the end of the day, I couldn't think of something more iconic to include for this amazing videogame, and this set would allow for collectors to put this set on display, as well as to fly it around and travel to different worlds. The characters, Destiny Islands, and the Gummi Ship were created solely for Kingdom Hearts. 

Anyways thank you all so much in advance for your consideration and support! There will be a video on my channel after this hopefully gets approved:

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